Saturday, April 09, 2005

Mom's Graduation!

Mom's Graduation!
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Ok, ok... so many things have been happening for the past week and due to lack of time (and net access) i haven't had any updates. So here: a picture is worth a thousand words!

Mom's MA Graduation was timely --- not only was it a great excuse to get a well-deserved vacation, it was also legit enough for me to extend my days so i can spend time with her and the family to reconnect. Her grad from her degree was pretty intense too --- the program was a UNIVERSITY graduation, and a school which was celebrating its 100 years at that. Hence, not only was there a mass, but the program extended to a whopping 6 hours (2 hours late to start, plus they had to call EVERY name from EVERY college there was in the school), which made my mom's guests at home arrive there waay before she did.
Nonetheless, the celebration was pretty fun, with close family and friends hangin' to join in and lotsa people sending over either gifts or food. :-) Jason and i splurged on a lime green handbag my mom absolutely loved (yay!)

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